443939-Community Benefit Report 2013 - page 14-15

CommunityHealth Improvement
ClearingBarriers toQualityCare
Quality health care can be a powerful
factor in the health andwell-being of a
community. But not everyone has equal
access to healthcare resources. At St.Vincent,
Access to
helps to
level the
field, identifying barriers to healthcare
access andworking to remove those barriers.
Health accessworkers in eight St.Vincent
communities, includingHoward,Madison,
Clay, Clinton, Fountain/Warren, Randolph
and Jennings counties address the barriers
that keep people from receiving high quality
health care and prevention. These hospital/
community-basedworkers help to connect
residents to primary care, regardless of their
financial situation; assist thosewho qualify
for government programs to apply; address
barriers such as transportation, child care
or language thatmight otherwise prevent
or discourage people from keeping their
appointments; help them in navigating the
complex healthcare system; and connect
them to resourceswithin the community
to holistically address other needs that
theymay have, including food, housing,
child care, counseling or employment. In
addition, RUAH health accessworkers and
medication assistants help to connect clients
in needwith low-cost or no-costmedication
provided through themanufacturers, using
a sophisticated database purchased and
maintained bySt.Vincent.
PathwaysPave theWay
TheRUAHprogramuses aPathwaysmodel
to standardizeprotocols for assistance and
provide ameans tomeasure results across
RUAH communities. ThesePathways
include enrollment,medical home,medical
referral, social services andpregnancy. Two
morePathways--diabetes check-ups and
well childvisits--werepiloted this year. In
fiscal year 2013, theHealthAccessWorkers
opened4,876pathways and completed4,332
pathways. TheRUAHprogram also assisted
7,133 communitymembers in accessing
11,545 low/no-costmedications valued at over
$6million (averagewholesaleprice).
HealthcareThat SpeaksYourLanguage
To ensure access tohealth care for all,
regardless of race, ethnicity, language or
culture, RUAH is also responsible for
ensuring that St.VincentmeetsCLAS
(Culturally andLinguisticallyAppropriate
Services) standards, includingmaking trained
medical interpreters available24hours a
day. Todate,more than200 individuals have
been certified as trainedmedical interpreters
through theRUAH-sponsoredBridging the
GapMedical Interpretationprogram.
Thewide-sweeping changes of theAffordable
CareAct includedmanynew requirements
andmandates about howhospitals engage
with their communities. Sincepartnering
withour communities to improvehealth and
well-beinghas beenpart of theSt.Vincent
mission from its inception, these changes,
inmost cases, represent not a totallynew
wayofworking in the community, but
rather an evolutionof historicSt.Vincent
commitments. TheSt.VincentCommunity
eachSt.Vincentministry to ensure that they
meet themandates of theACAwith regard
to communityhealthneeds assessments,
implementation strategies and community
benefit reporting.
HelpingHoosiersEnroll forHealth
As the IndianaHealthExchangeopened for
business, theSt.VincentHealthadvocacy
teamhasworkedwithothers throughout the
St.Vincent system, itshealthprovider partners,
andwith the state toensure that trained
ineachcommunityareaavailable toassist
individuals inapplying for insuranceor
government programs forwhich theyqualify.
This is just onemore step in theSt.Vincent
drive toensure100%access for allHoosiers.
Inkeepingwith theSt.Vincentmission,
St.Vincent hospitalsdeliver patient services
toall individuals requiringhealthcare,
without regard to race, ethnicity, economic
status, insurance statusor ability topay.
Health services for thepoor, uninsuredand
underinsuredaswell as for thoseenrolled
inpublicprograms suchasMedicaidand
HoosierHealthwise (whichprovideonly
partial reimbursement for services), area
significant part of thecommunitybenefit
providedbySt.Vincent.These services
providecare topatientswhocannot pay for
them, includinghospitalizations, surgeries,
1,2-3,4-5,6-7,8-9,10-11,12-13 16-17,18-19,20-21,22-23,24-25,26-27,28-29,30-31,32-33,34-35,...
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